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Chef Itzik Cohen is the beating heart behind Catering " Antaka ."After dealing with the culinary arts in France and succeeded in his field , he returned to Israel and worked as a chef Main banquet halls in hotels and first class Event gardens.


In recent years, Itzik Cohen served as a consultant  culinary chef 's at gardens and events that are considered the leading in ISRAEL , " GAIA " , " AGADATA " , " SHEMESH ADUMA " , " SHATO " and " Ben Hakramim " . Throughout the process of building a kitchen design that offer a rich menu plus also lent a hand to the process of training chefs , choosing dishes systems , Complete equipping of the kitchen and accompanying events in the first place .


Chef Itzik Cohen accompanied with professionalism and calm your event from the first meeting .Advise on Building menu will recommend unique gourmet dishes and serving ware compatible - given the nature of your event.Command the meticulous preparation of the dishes , shaping and arranging the table.And will present the long-awaited evening , to ensure the maximum success of the event and your satisfaction .

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